Recording Diary

Well we spent a whole day at House of Faith recording some songs. The goal was to get just a few songs done – sampled, mixed, bounced, and burned – and we managed to do it. We plan on releasing the new material in CD and online forms on July 18th or so. No rules when you’re DIY, so the dates are a little flexible. But the reason for that is because of the big Hotel Utah show that day!

So we recorded four songs, which actually highlight our breadth of sound quite nicely:

  1. Cease to Breathe
  2. The Descent
  3. Snapshots
  4. The Ballad of The Hydes

Tracking went really smoothly, and Bart at the studio was great in recognizing what we wanted to sound like in his mixes.

So, look for a new song available online soon! The plan is to release The Descent this week. We hope you like it!